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Geotextile is a strong synthetic fabric that is used to prevent soil erosion. It is widely used for drainage, road works, dam building, sports field construction, agriculture and coastal works.
Geobags Headers
Geo bag is a sand-filled geotextile bag which is arranged to be filled with soil. It has excellent strength and resistance against shrinkage. It is applicable for parks, roads, riverbanks and pavements.

Draincells are generally used to reduce overland flow of water. They are applicable in civil work, retaining walls, terrace garden & field drainage. Further they are lightweight, ease to install and convenient.
Plastic Grass Pavers
Plastic grass pavers are commonly known for their high compression strength, unmatched quality, proper fitment and resistance to tear & abrasion. They are ideal for pedestrian paths and green driveway.

Drain Board/ Protection Board
Drain board/ protection board is widely used in sports fields, terrace gardens, retaining walls and podium system. It allows a free-draining air space between the drain board and the wall.

Geomembrane is widely used for controlling migration of soils & fluids. It has the ability to reinforce, filter, drain or protect the soil. It is known for its thermal constancy, flexibility and resistance to tear & impact.