Drain Board/ Protection Board
Drain board/ protection board is widely used in sports fields, terrace gardens, retaining walls and podium system. It allows a free-draining air space between the drain board and the wall.

Geobags Headers
Geo bag is a sand-filled geotextile bag which is arranged to be filled with soil. It has excellent strength and resistance against shrinkage. It is applicable for parks, roads, riverbanks and pavements.

Draincells are generally used to reduce overland flow of water. They are applicable in civil work, retaining walls, terrace garden & field drainage. Further they are lightweight, ease to install and convenient.
Plastic Grass Pavers
Plastic grass pavers are commonly known for their high compression strength, unmatched quality, proper fitment and resistance to tear & abrasion. They are ideal for pedestrian paths and green driveway.

Fibreglass Mesh
Provided Fiberglass Meshes are known for their high tensile strength and weather proof design. Long lasting quality, application specific design, reasonable price and environment friendly quality are their other aspects.
Geomembrane is widely used for controlling migration of soils & fluids. It has the ability to reinforce, filter, drain or protect the soil. It is known for its thermal constancy, flexibility and resistance to tear & impact.
Geocomposite Findrain
Made of PP, offered Geocomposite Findrains are used for rain water collection, mechanical and leveling protection of geo-membrane and also for other applications purpose. Featured with non woven pattern, these products have 5.5 mm thickness.

Geo Tube
Made of PET or PP, offered Geo Tubes are basically woven geotextiles that are used for preventing soil erosion. Presence of these products can be noticed in jetties, construction sites, shorelines, river banks etc.
Developed from PP, offered GeoGrids are known for their high tensile strength. Black in color, these products have good creep resistance properties. Their chemical attributes are stable. Moreover, these can resist acid, alkali and corrosion.
Pmgsy Geocells are reckoned for their ASTM standard. These synthetic material made products are produced by following ultrasonic and forming technique. These can endure environmental stress crack for 4000 hours.
Geo Strap
Geo Strap, made of durable polyester, reinforces RE walls, retaining walls, and roads. Its black color blends seamlessly. It stabilizes critical areas for highways, airports, and railway tracks, boasting superior tensile strength and flexibility. Available in various grades, it's essential for modern infrastructure, ensuring safety and stability.
Plastic sheets
Plastic sheets, 2.4m wide and 20m long, HDPE waterproof membranes, 1.5mm thick or others, white. Used for waterproofing in construction, they ensure durability, heat reflection, and water resistance. Varied grades cater to specific needs, crucial for roofing, foundation sealing, and underground structures, safeguarding against water damage in diverse industries.
Offered Jute Geotextiles are maximum 10 mm in thickness and up to 500 m in length. These are reckoned for tier low permeability level, oil and salt free design, high elongation rate and high tensile strength.

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