Geo Strap

Geo Strap, crafted from durable polyester material, emerges as a pivotal component in reinforcing structures like RE walls, retaining walls, and reinforced roads. Its sleek black color seamlessly integrates into various projects. Geo Strap excels in stabilizing and backfilling areas critical for highways, airports, and railway tracks. With superior tensile strength and flexibility, it ensures structural integrity and longevity, even under high loads and environmental stressors. Suitable for diverse industries, Geo Strap comes in different grades, offering specific attributes tailored to project needs. Its reliability and versatility make it indispensable in modern infrastructure development, ensuring safety and stability in every application.


VT STRIP / VT POLYMERIC STRAPs are planar structures consisting of a core of high tenacity polyester yarn tendons encased in a polymer sheath. The strips are suitable for reinforcement or RE Wall application in combination with concrete wall facing. They amongst the most tried and tested VT STRIP / VT POLYMERIC STRAPs in the world offering 120 year design life and high performance. The incredibly tough polymer sheath is resistance to Physical, Chemical and Biological conditions found in reinforced soil structures. FEATURES ï Standard Tensile strength from 30 kN, up to 100 kN or as per End User™s requirement. ï High modules ï Tough, durable polymer sheath ï Low creep characteristics ï Easy to install ï Highly resistant to chemical, micro-organism, UV radiation and mechanical damage
Price: 18.00 - 45.00 INR/Meter

VT Strip for RE Wall

  • Material:Polyester
  • Color:black
  • Supply Ability:600000 Per Month
Price: 20 INR/Meter

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